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SlickPay for Self Employed StaffSplit your payments into separate accounts instantly using SlickPay!
Accounting Principles for DepositsHow to account correctly for deposits paid in advance
How to request a deposit from a clientWord by word script for your staff on how to politely request a deposit from a client

How to change/remove your Stripe bank account details.Selling your salon? We need to remove your Stripe account. Changing bank details on Stripe? Find out here how to do that.
Payment pending (un-captured) from SlickPay card reader.Not sure if your payment has processed through the SlickPay card reader? Find out more here.
How to take a payment via your SlickPay card reader.Card reader set up and ready to go? Let's take a payment.
SlickPay Card Reader & optional DockTechnical details and information on the SlickPay card reader and Dock.
Do I need the SlickPay Dock for my in store card reader?Using the SlickPay card reader in store? Not sure if you need the Dock? Find out here if you might!
How to fix a 'restricted' Stripe account.If your Stripe account is restricted, follow the steps here to get your payments back flowing as normal!
Options for Stripe Setup & Slick PaySet up your Stripe account to start taking SlickPay payments.
How to set up Stripe as a Sole trader.How to set up Stripe as a Sole trader.
How to set up Stripe as a Company.How to set up Stripe as a Company.
Processing refunds via SlickPayUsing a SlickPay card reader? Need to process a refund?
What is SlickPay?Heard of SlickPay, of course! Sure what it is, not exactly! Read more here about SlickPay and where it sits in your salon.
SlickPay Card Reader FAQS
Setting up your SlickPay Card ReaderReceived your SlickPay reader? Now it's time to set it up, ready to take payments in store.
Viewing SlickPay Payout reportsLearn how to view your payout reports for easy reconcililation
SlickPay Card Reader Warranty
Ordering a SlickPay Card Reader
SlickPay online Payment FAQSEverything you need to know about receiving online payment funds into your account.
Troubleshooting your SlickPay Card Reader
SlickPay Documents check listTo set up SlickPay related payments through Stripe you will need the following items.
Why can't I reconcile my pay outs from Stripe?Bank holidays, Next day pay outs, weekly pay outs and refunds explained.
Understanding Deposits 💸When do I receive pay outs? How do I get my money? How do deposits work?
Support on SlickPayHow to access support from our payment partners Stripe on all things online and/or card machine
Edit a bill paid via SlickPay card reader if client is not presentWorkaround to edit a bill where you need to re-take payment by card if your client is no longer in store