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How to rebook a client.2 smart ways to rebook depending on your salon process.
How to buy credit as a gift over the phoneClient A wants to buy client B a voucher or add credit to their account for an upcoming event or birthday.
Custom tags: a new way to personalise the client experienceA few handy uses for your custom tags from the Slick team

Print your diaryPrint your calendar in day-view
Top tips for day to day running Slick!Find out some top tips for how to get the most out of Slick in your salon!
The Slick calendar explainedHow do I select different dates? How can i see a stylist's week view? Where can i see text and online booking notifications?
How to have a 'To-do list' on your calendar.How to provide a 'To-do list' you can see on your diary.
Week View - view a seven day schedule for a single staff memberSee a week of bookings per staff member and switch between staff members
How to make a multi-service booking across two staff columnsSplit a colour and cut between two stylists
What do the icons on appointment cards in the calendar meanUnderstanding booking statuses with the calendar icons and modal illustrations
Hide staff columns when they have time off.Set your calendar to only see the columns of staff who are rostered to be working
What is the Activity Feed?Find online bookings, client replies to text reminders and other information in your Activity Feed
Client birthday reminderSee when it's your client's birthday from the calendar
Slick iPad / iPhone: zoomingiOS 13 allows you to Zoom in or out to see more or less of the calendar
How to see a full day or make text size bigger in Safari on iMac/MacbookZoom in or out of your calendar to make everything bigger or see more hours in the day
Setup a wait list columnEnable waitlist functionality for one or multiple columns for in-salon or even online clients