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Can text messages come from my salon?Here's why text reminders come from a number not from the salon phone.
All About SMS RemindersFind out more about how, when and why clients receive SMS reminders
My client hasn't received a reminder!Reasons a client might not have received a text reminder.
Can I edit text reminders or customise them?Can I change the text message that goes to my clients to remind them of their appointment?
How can I check if a client was sent a reminder?Use this feature to confirm if and when the client was sent a reminder
How to see what your client has replied to their text reminderFind out what your customer has responded to their SMS message
Notify Client of appointment changesNeed to change an appointment or client asking to reschedule, let them know you've changed their appointment via SMS straight from Slick
Digital Appointment cardsEnsure your client's never forget their appointment with an instant confirmation text sent straight after booking
Can I send more than one text reminder?Can I send another text to clients who haven’t replied or responded to their text reminder?
Can my client cancel by replying to the text reminder?Learn what options are available for your customers when they reply to the SMS reminder
Are my clients charged a fee to reply?Are my clients charged extra to reply or respond to their text appointment reminder?
My client replied to a text 'STOP' - what does this mean?If my client replies STOP does this mean they have cancelled?
When do clients receive text reminders?Customise how far in advance your clients receive their SMS reminder
How to switch off text reminders for all clients or individual clientsTurn off SMS reminders completely or select specific clients who don't want to receive text messages
Why can't my client reply or why can't I see their reply?Learn more about clients who see failed when they try to reply to a reminder
SMS Reminder Bolt OnCustomise your SMS appointment reminder to communicate important information to your clients
How to ensure reminders come from your 'Salon name'Get reminders showing as from 'Your salon' on your client's mobile.