To see more information or make changes to a booking, simply click or tap once on the appointment card in the calendar to surface the modal:

If there are multiple services attached to the booking, you will see all of these listed on the modal and highlighted in the calendar:

From the Modal, you have a number of actions available to you in the menu which is accessible via by clicking on the 3 dots:

From the Modal Menu, you can:

  • View Client Profile - edit contact details, view/add colour notes, switch text reminders or marketing preferences on/off, add patch test, add client tags, view booking and purchase history, view text reminder history
  • Edit Booking - add/remove services, add notes, reschedule to a different date
  • Pin Stylist - set your client's stylist preference for a particular serviceĀ 
  • Confirm a Booking - manually confirm a booking (note: bookings are automatically confirmed if a client replies "Y" to their text reminder)
  • Delete a Booking - this will delete all services attached to that booking. If you only want to remove one service, use Edit Booking

From the Modal, you can also 'check-in' a client by clicking/tapping the toggle so it goes purple. The background of the modal will change to a thumbs up and the appointment card will also have a 'thumbs up' icon to show the client has been marked as arrived:

To close the modal, simply click anywhere outside of the modal on the calendar, or hit the 'X' in the top right corner of the modal.

To learn more about different booking 'statuses' indicated by the Modal Illustrations, click here

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