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Sending a client a single message
Sending a client a single message

Has a client replied to your text message and you need to send one back? Or do you need to text a client about their appointment?

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With Slick you can text your client directly from the booking on the calendar, the notification feed or the client list.


If you would like to message your client from the calendar, simply click on their booking, select 'send text' as you see here, compose your message and send.

If you need to reply to a client message on the notification feed then click on 'text client'. The notifications feed is on the top right of your calendar.

To message from the client list please go to menu - clients,notifications & marketing - clients. Untick all the clients selected at first by clicking on the box next to client name as you see here.

Find the name of the client you want to message on your list, select the purple box next to their client name and then click on 'Create text blast'.

Each of these options will present you with the text box below to send the sms to your client!

Fill out your message, using the 'add consultation link' to add a form or the 'add online booking link' button to add your online booking link.

Click on next and you'll see a pop up to let you know how many sms credits you're about to use.

Need more sms? Purchase them from the calendar page by clicking on 'get more texts'!

Want to message multiple clients for a marketing blast or update them on salon news?

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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