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Why do I get free SMS credits?Accounts on Essential, Advanced & Supercharged plan are allocated free SMS credits
Contact No Shows and CancellationsHow to contact those clients who have cancelled or no show'd
How to find your Facebook review link.How can I find myFacebook review link to share with my clients?
SMS marketing FAQsQuick answers for those new to Slick marketing
How to find your Google review link.How can I find my Google review link to share with my clients?
How to send a text blast!Need to blast message all or some or your clients with news? Send messages to mass numbers of clients following these steps.
Sending a client a single messageHas a client replied to your text message and you need to send one back? Or do you need to text a client about their appointment?
Notifying clients of urgent business newsHow to use text messages to tell your clients about important news or urgent updates e.g sickness or disruption
How do i message clients in a certain date range?Looking to communicate with clients who are / were booked in the diary from date X to date Y? Here's how to do it!
SMS Marketing overviewHow to get started with new SMS marketing for first time users
Reply / send a message to 1 clientUse Client communication to text one individual client
Select clients for your campaignLearn how to tailor a campaign that suits your aim and budget
Grow your business through targeted marketingFind all clients who visit your salon but don't have a colour
Recording a clients' marketing preferencesHow does Slick help you stay GDPR compliant
Finding regular clients who aren't booked inSlick's marketing filters can help you find regular clients who do not have a future appointment booked
Tracking your sent messagesWant to check the performance of your latest SMS marketing message. You've come to the right place...
Opting clients in or out of Marketing MessagesHow does GPDR affect Marketing messages and client data protection
Why SMS marketing is the most POWERFUL way to reach clients
SMS Marketing TemplatesCopy and Paste Templates to help SMS Blast Communications
🔥 Hottest Marketing Campaigns This Month 🔥The Slick team have gathered this month's best performing marketing campaigns. No guess work, just copy a tried and tested approach