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Cancel or delete?

Find out whether you should be canceling or deleting a booking and the difference between the two

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It's very important to track the number of cancellations your business receives as it allows you to contact those cancelled clients and get them to book back in.

When to cancel a booking

Cancel a booking if the client has let you know that they are unable to make their appointment.

To mark a booking as cancelled, just click the 'Cancel' button on the booking modal. Then click 'Yes, cancel'

You can then choose to rebook the clients straight away or send them an SMS to rebook themselves back in

To find out how to track your cancelled bookings in reports click here

To find out how to contact cancellations click here

When to delete an appointment

You should only delete an appointment if you have made a mistake and want to recreate the booking from scratch.

To delete a booking, just hit 'Delete' on the booking modal. Then click 'Yes'

Any deleted bookings will appear in your deleted booking log in Reports.

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