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Checking deleted bookings
Checking deleted bookings

A log showing all deleted bookings for full manager control

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If you want to check to see if a clients booking has been deleted or not, you can do this by accessing the 'Deleted booking log'.

In order to do this, click on menu and go to 'Business Reports'.

  • Scroll down to ''Downloadable", click on 'Go to report'.

  • Next select the dates you want via the date selector. Select the dates, INCLUDING the day on which the appointment was in the calendar. For example, if you want to find out when an appointment that was due on January 3rd 2025 was deleted, you would need the date picker to include this date, NOT the date you believe it was deleted.

  • Then click the 'Download' button for the Deleted booking log.

  • This will be downloaded into your 'downloads' file on your computer and will show which clients appointments have been deleted and by which staff member.

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