Throughout your Slick journey, we will keep you informed of any changes to Slick but will also ensure you and your clients are notified of bookings. Below is a summary of all messages that are sent and received throughout Slick 📤

  1. Reminder SMS (free)

  2. Confirmation SMS (6p/message)

  3. Marketing SMS and SMS Replies (6p/message)

  4. Marketing Opt-Out SMS (6p/message)

  5. Online Booking Verification SMS (free)

  6. Email Confirmations (free)

  7. Password Reset Code SMS (free)

  8. Deposit Request SMS (6p/message)

  9. Client Facing Live Chat (free)

  10. Notifications/Activity Feed (free)

  11. Login Emails (free)

  12. Online Booking Notification SMS (free)

  13. Live Chat (free)



Unlimited SMS reminders are included in your monthly subscription

Reminder SMS are sent to your clients before their booking so they can either confirm or cancel. These are set to 48 hours before by default but can be changed to 24 hours or 72 hours by contacting Customer Support.

When clients reply with a Y, their booking will be confirmed and a ✅ will appear on their booking. If they wish to cancel, they are encouraged to call the salon (number provided in the SMS)

Please note, if you have manually confirmed your client's booking, they will NOT receive a SMS reminder


Confirmation messages are 6p/message. To switch these on/off, please contact Customer Support

Confirmation SMS are a great way ditching your appointment cards! Clients will be sent an SMS when you book their appointment and you can also send them an updated message (optional) if you have to rearrange their booking.

These messages DO NOT replace your standard Reminder SMS


Marketing SMS, Automated SMS, SMS sent from a client's booking and any replies sent to your clients are 6p/message

Our two way SMS system is a great way of keeping your clients updated! Not only can you send Marketing campaigns and automated marketing messages, you can also send messages directly from a client's booking and reply to any responses you have received:

You can keep track of all messages sent in Menu - Clients & Marketing - Sent Messages and Set & Forget


Opt-out messages are 6p/message and are only sent to each client once

When a client first receives their first marketing message, they will also be sent a GDPR preferences SMS which allows them to opt-out of receiving more marketing SMS. Opting out doesn't prevent them from receiving their confirmation or reminders SMS.

The client's marketing preferences will be updated in their profile and can be changed if requested by the client. If a client has opted out, you will be unable to send them any more messages:


Verification SMS are sent free of charge

When a client books online for the first time, they are sent an SMS to confirm their mobile number is not only valid but also correct. This helps to prevent rogue bookings. The client can then click on the link to verify their number.

Failure to verify their mobile number will not prevent them from being able to get booked in or receiving other SMS. However, if they have not verified their number and try to reset their password, they will need to request a manual verification from Customer Support.


Email confirmations are free of charge

When a client books online, they will receive a confirmation email with their booking details and any information you have submitted via the 'Edit Online Bookings'. This is a no-reply email so any responses to these emails will not be monitored.


Password reset code sms are free of charge

If your client forgets their online password, they can click on the 'Forgotten password' link. They will then be sent a code which they will be asked to enter on the screen in order to reset their password


Deposit request SMS are 6p/message

You can send payment links to your clients directly from their bookings via the 'Request deposit' button. They will then receive a link via SMS which will allow them to enter their card details and pay the deposit requested.

For a 'request deposit' button to appear on a booking:

1) the booking needs to be in the future

2) the client needs to have a mobile phone number

3) the service price must be more than £0


All messages sent via Intercom are free of charge

We are on hand to support your clients through their online booking process in case, on the rare occasion, there are any technical problems. We can't, however, advise them on which services to book!

As part of this support, your clients will be sent a message via live chat asking them to make sure they are on the correct version. If they have used an old Slick page, their booking may be interrupted. This happens very rarely but we want to make sure everyone has a good experience so all clients will receive these messages.



All messages received here are free. However, replying to them is 6p/message

In your activity feed, you will see all replies to your SMS reminders, SMS confirmations and Marketing messages sent by you manually.

You will also be notified of any clients who have booked or cancelled online and deposit payments (following a deposit request)


These emails are free

If you are new to Slick or you have had your login reset, you will receive a login email with a temporary password. Copy the password, click on the login link then paste the password when prompted. You will then be able to create a more memorable password


These messages are free

When your clients book online, you are receive an SMS, similar to what you receive in your activity feed. To set these up, either contact us via live chat or head to 'Online Bookings & Payments' then 'Edit Online Settings'.


All support, education and training at Slick is free of charge!

If you have a question about Slick, no matter how big or small, get in contact with us via Live Chat! Response time is usually less than 5 minutes and it is the quickest way to solve any problem or suggest new features you would like to see!

From the chat box, you can also see any previous conversations, who is currently online and our feature release article.

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