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Tracking your sent messages

Want to check the performance of your latest SMS marketing message. You've come to the right place...

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Blast messages, 1-1 Client messages or Automated messages

Firstly, go to Menu and then Clients, Notifications & Marketing.

Then 'Sent Texts'!

In this section, you will see:

  • The total amount of campaigns sent.

  • The total number of clients messaged.

  • How many bookings have been received from these clients.

  • The total revenue generated from these bookings.

You can then choose to see Blast messages, 1-1 Client messages or Automated messages.

To see the content of each message, simply click 'View messages'

To rearrange the messages, click on the arrows next to one of the headers. For example, to change the date order from oldest to newest or newest to oldest, click next to 'Date Sent'.

Please note if you have a message thread with a client, you can see this from the client profile. These sms are stored under the appointment they are related to as you see here!

What do each of these types of messages mean??

Blast SMS

These are your big marketing campaigns! These specialised campaigns might have been built with your Business Coach or maybe you felt inspired after one of our Marketing Masterclasses! See more about those here.

These campaigns are designed to get bums on seats and make your more money!!

For example - A message you might send to all clients, "Happy Valentines day! Treat yourself or the one you love to a 10% discount off any service with the code SalonLove - Valid until February 18th"

Learn more about marketing and check out our amazing templates here!

1-1 Client Messages

These are individual messages sent to a single client manually by you. These could be a response to a client message or a personalised message such as "Please arrive 15 minutes later as the salon is very busy today - Thank you in advance and we apologise for any inconvenience!".

Automated Sent Messages

Automated Sent Messages can be set up and then they will take care of themselves! You can check who is receiving these messages and if they're working by clicking View details.

Learn more about Set and Forget messages here!

  1. Lapsed clients: clients who haven't been seen in 7 - 12 weeks

  2. Lapsed clients: clients who haven't been seen in 12 - 24 weeks

  3. Lost clients: clients who haven't been seen in 24+ weeks

  4. Existing Client reviews: send thank you & review message to existing clients

  5. New Client reviews: send thank you & review message to new clients

  6. Happy Birthday: send birthday message on the day or 7 days before.

  7. Re-book: ask clients that visited yesterday and have no future appointment to book back in!

Want to learn more about SMS Marketing: check out the SMS Overview.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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