What messages can i send?

There are 5 different campaigns that can be used

  1. Lapsed clients: clients who haven't been seen in 7 - 12 weeks

  2. Lapsed clients: clients who haven't been seen in 12 - 24 weeks

  3. Lost clients: clients who haven't been seen in 24+ weeks

  4. Existing Client reviews: send thank you & review message to existing clients

  5. New Client reviews: send thank you & review message to new clients

  6. Happy Birthday: send birthday message on the day or 7 days before.

💸 Lapsed / lost client campaigns 💸

It is much cheaper to retain an existing client that win a new client. How much do you spend marketing to win new clients versus how much time / effort do you put into retaining those clients you haven't seen for a while?

Whenever a client hasn't been seen for more than 7 /12 /24 weeks AND they don't have a future booking they will receive a personalised offer for you.

This means you can set different messages per client group:

These messages are sent as soon as client hits that 7 / 12 / 24 week limit.

🌟 Thank you / review campaigns 🌟

Check in with clients to say thank you for their visit and ask them to leave a review. Google My Business reviews are so important in 2020 to ensure your business stands out from the competition.

Customise your message, insert your review link and BOOM! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

💝 Birthday Presents 💝

We all love it when someone remembers our birthday! Slick does this for you!
You can send your client a little birthday message 7 days before their birthday or on their birthday itself!

Either just say hello and happy birthday or maybe offer them a little birthday treat when they next visit!

Not collecting birthdays for all your clients? Don't worry, here's how!

Sounds great, how do i set this up!

Set up is straight forward and our team of marketing experts are on hand to help you write the perfect message. We'll even spell check your campaigns for you!

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