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How to rebook a client.

2 smart ways to rebook depending on your salon process.

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Rebooking is vital for your business so with Slick there are 2 ways to rebook to suit you and your client.

  1. Rebook before checkout

    The advantage of re-booking before checkout is it ensures the client is rebooked before you take the bill. Therefore, securing you future business! Also it means the client will get the date of their next booking on their email receipt.

    • You can re-book before checkout by clicking on the booking and clicking Checkout & rebook.

    • Then click Rebook.

    • This will allow you to rebook and then you will be prompted to head to checkout to complete the client's bill.

  2. Rebook after checkout

    If you prefer to take the bill first then re-book it is really easy.

    • After checkout, head to the clients booking which is now grey with a line through it.

    • Click the Re-book now button.

    • This will bring up the re-booking screen allowing you to choose the date for the rebooking!

Also, you can save yourself the hassle by adding our Rebook Prompt through Auto Client connect messaging! Send out an automatic message to yesterday's clients letting them know you'd love to see them again!

Please note: the rebook function will rebook your client for an exact duplicate appointment on a day of your choosing. This means the following will be identical

  • Time

  • Price

  • Service

If you wish to change time / price or services then please create a new booking from the calendar. This will not affect staff rebooking metrics as rebooking % is calculated separately on the basis of whether that client had a new booking made within 24 hours of their booking. Irrespective of booking source.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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