The marketing function allows you to send personalised text messages to clients to help grow your business and enhance the client experience:

  • Send promotional offers for launches or services

  • Target lapsed/lost clients with offers to come back in

  • Request reviews from clients via Google My Business

  • Text next weeks clients e.g illness, change to rota

  • Wish happy birthday to next weeks clients

  • Text all clients. Let them know re Xmas hours, change of address etc


Clients page

This shows a summary of all the clients in that bucket e.g Recover lost clients. From here you can filter, de-select clients or once happy, click "Send SMS"

Compose your text

You choose what you say. Promotional offer? Thank you text? You decide! Longer messages will use 2 text messages which are both charged. You can even add your personalised Online booking link in. 

Send & add to bill

The cost of the text messages are simply added to your bill. Slick shows you the exact cost and by ticking the box, you agree for this to be added to the bill. Click send to set your campaign underway!

Messages cost a very competitive 6p+VAT per text meaning you can get lapsed clients in for just a few pennies!

That's it.... grow your business in less than 2 minutes!

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