You can customise your online booking settings in several ways, from patch test pop ups to cancellation policies 🤓

  1. Patch Tests

  2. Second Service Prompt

  3. Service Descriptions

  4. Use the 'Edit Message' button

  5. Adjust your daily availability

  6. Switch on the Smart Algorithm

1. Patch Tests - Select which services require patch tests:

If your client selects any of these services, they will be asked to confirm if they have already had a patch test. If not, they will be asked to book one:

Once your client has booked their patch test, they will then only be shown available slots 48 hours after their patch test time.

2. Second Service Prompt - choose which services require a second/finishing service

If a client selects a service with a processing time but doesn't then choose a finishing service, they will be prompted to book one on the second booking page:

You can amend/add processing times in Menu - Settings - Service Prices & Timings

3. Service Descriptions - provide a description of your services to ensure your clients select the correct option. You can also use this to give service-specific instructions.

The description you add will be applied to this service for ALL staff

Click 'Add/Edit Service Descriptions' to add your information:

For inspiration, check out our service description templates

4. Use the 'Edit Message' button to personalise further:

Click on the 'Edit Message' button in your Online Bookings & Payments to personalise the following:

  • Your Salon Logo - this will be shown at the top of your booking page

  • Your Cancellation Policy - this will be shown to the client on their confirmation page & their confirmation email

  • Your Cancellation Period - confirm how much notice you require from clients who wish to cancel via their online portal (if they try to cancel during this period, they will be asked to contact you directly)

  • Your Message to Clients - this will be shown at the bottom of their confirmation email. This may be information about parking, salon policies etc

  • Your Booking Notification Number - receive an SMS everytime someone books online

  • Your closest booking time - customise how much notice you need between a client booking and arriving for their appointment (defaulted to 12 hours)

  • Your available time slots - choose whether you want to show all time slots, only 'on the hour' slots or 'only on the hour and half hour' slots

5. Adjust your daily availability - Use 'time off' to choose when clients can book in

Blocking your calendar out with 'Time off' will prevent clients from being able to book during that time online. However, you can still book clients in 'in-store':

6. Switch on our Smart Algorithm: By switching on Slick's smart algorithm, our system will learn which services are being booked online and will adjust the available slots shown to clients to ensure you are not left with gaps which are shorter than your shortest booking.

For example, if most of your services are 45 minutes long, the system will not allow a gap of less than 45 minutes to be left in your calendar as you will be unable to fill this.

It will also show the next available slots so you won't have one booking at 9am then a gap until your last booking at 6pm.

If you would like to switch this on, please contact us via Live Chat

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