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Customise/Personalise your Online Booking
Customise/Personalise your Online Booking

Now you have switched your online booking on, make sure it is ready for your clients by customising your settings

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Find out below how to make changes to customise your online booking!


To make changes to your online booking first go to Menu - Online booking,E-Voucher and payments.

Here you can edit the below -

You can also test your online booking flow by clicking this button. Or find out more about your clients online booking flow here!

1. General settings

Booking link & Social integrations

Turn on/off your online booking and access your link to share with clients by clicking on 'Copy URL'!

You can also link your Facebook and Instagram to get a Book now button accessible to clients on your socials. Find out more here!

Online deposits & In-store payments

Here you can initiate your Stripe set up. Stripe is our payment partner that will process safe and secure online payments direct into your bank account the next day! Find out here how to set up Stripe as a Company or as a Sole trader.

You can also enable deposits to take a payment upfront from customers booking online. Deposits can be a percentage or an upfront amount (Β£20) of every online booking to keep your appointments protected against no shows and cancellations!

Online Business Hours

Define the days that you can take online bookings.

To amend your business hours please do so from Staff & Business settings - business info and hours.

Services & Staff

Here you can define the staff members and which services they can perform. Find out more here about how to add/remove services from staff that are bookable online!

You can also set up self employed staff's individual Stripe accounts for them to receive their deposit/in-store payments via SlickPay. Learn more about split payments for self employed staff here.

Services requiring a Patch test

Assign the services that need a super simple Slick patch test prompt here. Simply tick the services that your clients will need to have a patch test for.

The patch test prompt looks like this 😊

Service Descriptions

Set service descriptions for clients to see an explanation of exactly what they're booking with you.

2. Branding

Amend the colour scheme and add a logo to add your personal touch to your Slick online booking flow!

Check out examples and play around with the colour schemes to make Slick fit your brand.

Scroll down to add your logo. This will truly make your Slick online booking look and feel like your own with your recognisable branding.

3. Booking timings

Booking timings

Choose here how far in advance your clients can book.

Last minute bookings

How much time do you need to prep for an online booking? You decide whether a client can book and arrive in an hour or if you need more time just extend your last minute bookings section here.

Availability settings

Personalise the slots which will be available to your clients and choose from on the hour, on the hour or half hour, reduce white space or the any time option.

Multi service same stylist

Choose if you would like clients to book a colour and cut with the same stylist or let them pick and choose who ever they would like!

This can ensure that clients are not split between Staff members, a bonus for salons employing self-employed staff!

4. Policy & Terms

Cancellation policy

Keep your clients informed using your cancellation policy to ensure you have security against last minute cancellations and no shows.

Cancellation timings

Cancellation timings defines how close to an appointment a client will have the option to cancel online. Don't want clients to cancel online? That's fine too, just select 'Don't allow clients to cancel online'.

5. Email alerts

Email alerts

All notifications of online bookings are sent by email to your business inbox for maximum visibility! New booking, new email, no problem.

Prefer no alert? Simply empty the box and press save 😊 You will still see these notifications on the 'notifications tab' on the calendar!

Notify staff members

Another amazing option here for self-employed staff, send their booking notifications directly to staff members email inboxes. Staff emails can be edited under Staff & Business settings - staff access.

Need an email removed/changed? Simply ask our team on the Live Chat to remove this for you.

Block someone from Booking Online

If you have a troublesome client who often no-shows or cancels, you can ask our team to prevent them from booking online. Please provide the email address of this client to the Support team via Live Chat.

When a 'blocked' client tries to add their details and login to confirm their booking, they will see an error message related to their login/password to prevent them booking online.

Prevent patch tests from being booked over appointments

To maximise the number of available slots your client sees and get the most amount of bums on seats, we allow patch tests to be booked over other appointments. If you would prefer for patch tests not to be booked over other appointments, please talk to customer support who can turn on this setting for you.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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