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Make patch test compliance a breeze

How to use the out of date patch test client list to ensure clients always have a valid patch test.

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If you have been recording client patch test dates in client profile then we can use this information to help you identify any clients who have not had a patch test in the last 6 months!

Why is this important?

Brands and your insurance company will require clients who have certain services to be patch-tested before application. It is your responsibility to comply with their specific requirements.

How can Slick help?

In Clients, notifications and marketing we have a list of all clients who don't have a valid patch test.

You can click on this to see a list of all clients and then send them a message asking them to book in ahead of their next service with you.

How is this calculated?

This list includes any clients who have a past/future appointment from any category containing the word colour/highlights/bleach/tint/foils / and whose last patch test was more than six months ago or no patch test record.

How do I record a patch test?

You can record a patch test in the client profile.

We even prompt your staff to record a patch test for clients that don't have one or it's overdue!

What about patch test overlaps?

We understand some big, busy salons have spare hands. Therefore, we have allowed your patch tests that prompt through Slick to be booked alongside other services. This means we can offer WAY MORE patch test and colour appointments to give your clients maximum availability and make you maximum revenue!

However, we also know some salons want that 1-1 experience regardless of service. So, if the overlap isn't for you simply let us know VIA LIVE CHAT and we will stop this from happening!

Whatever you want, your way. That's Slick.

Enable patch test prompts.

Now, you want to set up your patch test prompts through Slick to keep your clients safe when booking online - Find out here how to do so!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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