To access the client profile click on the search icon in the top right of your calendar and type in either the first name, surname or phone number

Click on the correct name when it appears in the list

This will open up their client profile! Click on the below images to see a full explanation of what's what:

Click "View Details" in any appointment under Booking History to see more information such as

  • Discounts

  • Retail purchase history

  • Payment method

  • SMS sent and client replies

  • Booking notes. 

  • You also have the ability to resend the email receipt

You can navigate to any upcoming or historic appointment from the client profile - simply click anywhere on the appointment and you'll be taken to that day with the appointment highlighted and the modal open:

Client details can be edited at any time by clicking 'Edit Client Details' and changing the below fields

To learn how to apply client tags using emojis, click here

To learn more about how to view and store colour notes, click here

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