Activating your online booking is easy, just follow this checklist:

1. Setup

Make sure your service timings and prices are correct by checking in your Menu, Settings and Service Prices & Timings. Here's the how to guide

Remember, the order of services as they appear in settings will appear as such in online booking e.g. if you want colour services first, put those at the top. Here’s how to rearrange the order of services for online booking

Ensure the correct services are ticked on/off for each staff member. You can check this by clicking on Menu and Online Bookings & Payments.

If you'd prefer to keep colour services off, create a consultation service available for online booking instead e.g 'Balayage Consultation' at £0 and 15 mins application time.

Some salons pass the online booking fee and online payment protection fee to the client by adding additional services called e.g. Full Head Foils Online and add the additional fees into the service price.

2. Choose your algorithm

You can either have ALL available slots filled or reduce 15 min gaps by choosing the smart booking algorithm. You can also request that appointments are booked on the hour or half past the hour. All settings can be changed in the "Edit Message" button (see image below)

3. Choose your closest booking time

You can choose any notice period before a booking that you feel comfortable with whether its 12 hours or 1 hour!

4. Notifications

We will send you a confirmation text for every new booking made online. You will also receive a notification in your calendar. If you'd like to receive an SMS then please fill in the form.

5. Cancellation Policy

You can create your own cancellation policy which the client will see when making an online booking. Here are templates ideas. Again this can be filled in the form.

6. Service Descriptions

You can add service descriptions to your online booking settings to ensure your clients choose the correct service. To add descriptions, please follow this guide.

7. Adding a ‘Book Now’ button into your Facebook

Your online booking link will not ‘go live’ until you put the link somewhere and having it in more places the better. To add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook, please follow this guide

8. Adding your Online Booking into Instagram

Simply click ‘Copy URL’ from your Online Booking and Payments page in Slick and paste it into the ‘Website’ section of your Instagram profile.

If you want to have your website as well as your online booking link, you can create a ‘Linktree’ account which will give you one link to post into Instagram which will give clients the option to click on various different links. It’s free to use and can be setup in a few minutes here:

New customers will always Google you first and look for the fastest way to book. Simply log into your Google Business page, click ‘Business’ button and insert your online booking link like Wilde About Hair

10. Online Payments

Protect your business financially by setting up either No Show Protection or Online Deposits

No Show Protection: client their puts card details in when making an online booking, no payment is taken upfront but if they no-show you can then charge the card. Online Deposits: client pays a specified amount upfront to secure their booking, those funds will go into your account at the end of each week/month.

Here’s all the info you need on Online Payments

11. Notify your clients

Now's the time to shout about it from the rooftops! Send out an SMS to those clients who do not have a future appointment and include your online booking link. Here are some templates

To find out how to optimise your online booking and maximise your availability please see our blog

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