You can set different prices for your services according to the seniority levels of your staff. You can have as many levels as you like for each service, but most salons have 3-5. To see how to setup more pricing levels by creating new roles, click here

To change the price of a service for any of your staff roles, simply go to Menu in the top left of your calendar:

Select Settings and then Services Prices & Timings:

Here you will see all your categories which contain your services:

Click or tap anywhere on one of the categories to reveal services:

Then click or tap anywhere on a service to reveal all of the roles you have prices and timings for. Simply click in the price or timing boxes to edit:

Remember to scroll down and hit "Save Changes":

Please note that when you change prices, this change only impacts new bookings - all existing bookings in your calendar will remain at the old price. 

However soon you will have the option to apply changes to existing bookings as well. In the meantime, just ask us in the chat bubble to change it for you and we can make it apply to all existing bookings.

You will then be able to see your amended prices in the Stylists section, where you can also amend which role applies to which stylist:

Click or tap on any stylist to reveal their services and prices. 

Please note you can't amend prices here; price changes can only be made in the Services section. However you can change a stylist's role which will increase or decrease all of their prices in one go - great for when one of your staff is promoted! 🤩

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