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No-Show Protection for online bookings
No-Show Protection for online bookings

Request card details to secure bookings made online.

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No show protection will take card details from the client when they are booking online as a precautionary measure incase the client no shows or cancels late. Restrictions apply - please read below. 🚩

Your clients will be asked to submit their card details when booking in online and you will be able to charge them a no-show fee (as per your cancellation policy) if they fail show up to their booking or cancel ahead of your cancellation period.

Charging a no-show fee

In the event that your client needs to be charged a no-show fee, click on the client's booking top open the modal and click 'No-Show'.

Enter the no-show fee amount and click 'Charge'.

Please note - This no show window will only show if the client has a card attached to their profile (they booked online and entered their card details).

Alternatively, if you do not wish to charge your client, simply choose 'No Charge'. Please note, if you charge your client a no show fee they will be sent an email from Slick with details of the charge and a receipt from Stripe.

🚨 Please note 🚨

Slick can guarantee that the card is active when the client adds this at the payment stage. However, we cannot guarantee that the card has the funds to cover the no-show fee and the client has the ability to remove their financial details as any time, as is their right under GDPR regulation.

By agreeing to use no show protection, you understand the limitations of this function and understand that Slick are obliged to respect client financial privacy at all times

For this reason, we suggest using deposits to ensure you have security against your appointments. Find out here how to add deposits to your booking process.

If you'd like to enable no show protection for your account please notify our support team via the live chat bubble on the bottom right of any Slick page and they will enable it for you!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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