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All about Deposits in store.

Made a booking in salon and want to request a deposit? Find out how to do this!

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Taking deposits in store is a great way to ensure security across your bookings and reduce potential lost revenue.

Find out below the ways you can do this through Slick in store.

Worries about cancellations and no shows? Find out what you can do with the deposit you have taken in store here too!

Request Deposit Button

Use Slickpay to send secure, remote payment request links via the client's booking on the calendar. Simply click the booking on the calendar and you'll see this button.

Find out here how to simply set up a Stripe account and start taking payments directly into your account, right from the calendar!

You will then see the below pop-up which will allow you to define the amount you would like to request.

And then this one when you have successfully sent the SMS request!

What do the Request deposit messages look like? Find out here.

Want to learn more about how to 'Take upfront deposits via SlickPay to stop no shows'? check out the article here.

Note - If a deposit has been requested more than 24 hours ago and is still not paid for an appointment in 2 days time, the client will automatically be sent a reminder SMS at 7pm.

Add credit on the Client Profile

Adding credit to a client's profile allows you to take a pre-payment without the client needing a current/future booking. To do this just search for the client whose profile you would like to add a deposit to then open their profile.

Click on 'Add credit on account'.

Enter the amount the client is paying and confirm the payment method as cash OR card before clicking 'Add credit'.

This credit amount will now be available for the client to use at checkout and you can see it visible on the client profile here.

Client's Booking

You can add a deposit to a client's booking by clicking 'Take Deposit' once you have selected the client's services.

Confirm the deposit amount (£ or %) and confirm the payment method before clicking 'save deposit'.

On the left we have the display for salons that do not have SlickPay card readers implemented and on the right, this is what salons using the SlickPay card reader in-store will see!

Ensure you press 'Save deposit' on the 'take deposit' window and then you will see the banner below to confirm that the booking has been added before saving the booking to the calendar.

If the deposit is paid via SlickPay card reader. You will then see this window to confirm you have taken the payment.

If the deposit is paid via SlickPay card reader, you will see the below windows while waiting for the payment and then once the payment is taken successfully.

Once the deposit is confirmed against this appointment, it will be available at the check out to use to pay for this booking.

You can see from the calendar when a booking has a deposit paid by the '£' sign that appears on the booking itself, as you see here!

Add a deposit to a booking in the calendar.

Click on the booking in the calendar that you'd like to add a deposit to and select 'edit'.

Select the option to 'take deposit' on the editor that opens up on the right hand side of the calendar!

Select the deposit details you'd like to add and click on 'save deposit'.

Find out here how to use a deposit at check out.

What about No-Shows & Cancelled Bookings?


If your client doesn't turn up for their booking, click on their booking then 'NO SHOW'.

Cancelled bookings

If your client cancels their booking, click on their booking then 'CANCEL', as you see here.

You can then choose to 'Keep the deposit as a no-show/cancellation fee'. You also have the option to 'hold' the deposit on the client account or to refund it to the client.

Note - Deposits paid in store via your in-store card terminal or paid in cash by the client need to be refunded in the salon.

Deposits paid through Slickpay will be refunded to the client simply through Stripe when you click refund.

Find out here what deposit payments look like for your clients.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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