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How to complete a booking by checking out a client

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Checkout your clients in just a few steps. Apply discounts, add a tip, use a deposit and choose a payment method all in one place!

Easily add and remove services, retail products and even other people to the same bill!

Start Checkout

To check a client out, click on their booking then select 'Checkout & Rebook':

Choose whether you want to go straight to checkout or book your client in for their next visit:

If you click re-book, you will then be asked to choose the time and date of the next booking. Once you have selected these, you can then either go back to today's calendar or to today's checkout:

Make Changes to Checkout

In checkout, you can change the following:

  1. Services (Add and remove)

  2. Stylist (Change in drop-down box)

  3. Price (Change)

  4. Discount (Apply a £ or % discount)

Sell a Retail Product

To add a retail product to checkout, Click 'Add Retail Product' and search for the product you are selling.

Add a Tip

Add a tip to a client's checkout. Please note, tips are not counted as revenue so will not show in your reports. However, they will show up in your cash up.

If more than one staff member saw this client, the tip will be split between them. Please see the payments report for more information

Use/Remove Deposit

If a client has a deposit/credit on their account, this will show automatically at checkout. The client can choose to use all, part or none of this at checkout. If they don't want to use this, you can unselect it and this will be kept on their profile for future use.

If you want to add another client's deposit to this checkout, you can search for client 2 in the search box.

You can learn more about Deposits here

Selecting a Payment Method

A client can use one or more payment methods at checkout.

If they wish to split their payment, simply enter the correct amount in each box.

If a client has previously paid an online/remote deposit or has submitted their card details for no-show protection, you will see the pop-up below, and the 'Client card ending XXXX' option will also show at the bottom of checkout.

Choosing this option will automatically charge the card on file.

To complete checkout, click 'Checkout' and then confirm the payment methods:

Email Receipt

To send a client their receipt simply choose to send the receipt from the final pop-up at Checkout.

The booking will now appear greyed out in the Calendar which means it has been successfully checked out!

If you have further questions regarding the transfer of information, please reach out to us via Live Chat.

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