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Redeeming a Voucher
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Find out here how to use a voucher at the check out!

Please note you can only use the 'Voucher' button for vouchers that have been sold via the 'Sell Voucher' button. They need to have a code processed on the Slick system to be recognised.

Use a voucher at check out

When on the check out, click on 'Use voucher' on the lower left side of the page.

This will open up the voucher segment to search using the code given to the client at time of purchase.

If the client cannot recall the voucher code, you can track this using their name, the amount or the date of sale from 'Gift voucher tracking' on the menu.

Once you have entered the voucher code, click on 'Find voucher'.

Once the voucher is found, you will see the current status of the voucher and how much of it is available to use. Enter user 'Use' how much the client would like to use this time and check out as normal!

When you select 'COMPLETE' on the check out, you will see the amount of the voucher that you are about to use.

Then confirm as normal to complete the check out process using a voucher πŸ’œ Easy!

Once all of the voucher amount has been redeemed against services, it will appear as 'used' under menu - gift voucher tracking.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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