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Take upfront deposits via Slick Pay to stop no-shows
Take upfront deposits via Slick Pay to stop no-shows

Request a deposit payment from clients via SMS which allows them to pay remotely to confirm their appointment

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Now you can take deposits for all appointments via Slick Pay! Whether your client booked over the phone or in person, you can now send them a link via SMS which allows them to pay a deposit right from their mobile phone. You'll need to setup a Stripe account to do so.

You can choose the deposit amount to request on a per client basis:

Your client will receive a text message with the request and a link to create an account (or login if they have previously booked online) and add their card details. Your client will have the option to pay the deposit or total amount, or decline the request:

Either way, you will be notified in your Activity Feed of their action:

And you will see on the appointment modal whether they have paid or declined or not yet actioned:

Check out the video below:


1. Why can't I see the "Request deposit" button on the appointment modal?

There are a few cases where you won't see the button:

  • If it is a repeat booking

  • If the client has already paid a deposit

  • If the client doesn’t have a mobile number

  • If the booking is in the past

  • If the booking value is £0

2. Can I resend a deposit request if my client declines?

Yes, just delete the booking, make a new one and send a new request. You may wish to text them before resending just to understand why they declined and explain that you'll need the deposit to confirm their booking.

3. Where do I see the deposits?

You can see all deposits pays on the Deposits Log in 'Cash Up'. These will also show up on the Payments report (in Reports)

4. When do I receive the deposits into my bank?

You will receive your payments weekly for the deposits received in the week before last. For example, deposits received in Week 1 will be received on the Monday of Week 3. This is due to the added security checks required for remote payments.

You can check all received and pending payments in Menu - Online Bookings & Payments - View Payments Account

5. How do I refund a deposit?

You can delete a deposit that is attached to a booking by deleting the booking or marking it as a no-show. You will then be given the option to refund the deposit, keep the deposit or keep the deposit on the client's account for future use.

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