Slick has partnered with Stripe to offer online deposits and free no-show protection for online bookings, as well as contact-less payments in-salon. Stripe is one of the world's leading and most trusted payment providers with clients such as ASOS, Comic Relief and Deliveroo.

Client card details are held anonymously and processed securely, meaning you can offer a smart and professional payment option for your business with no hassle.

Please note, Stripe are PCI DDS compliant.

In order to set up your payments account to start taking online deposits or no-show protection, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Company name as listed on Companies House

  2. Companies Number (this can be found by searching your company on the Companies House Website)

  3. Bank account number + sort code for receipt of payments

You may also be asked for proof of address and a Photo ID. Click below to see list of accepted documents.

Step 1

To start, go to Menu then Online Bookings & Payments

Choose SET UP on either Deposits or No Show Protection to proceed with creating your Stripe payments account:

You can always switch from no-show protection to online deposits later, so it doesn't matter which one you click. Not sure which to choose?

Step 2

When choosing Online Deposits, you will need to choose how much to charge your client upfront, ie what they will pay at the time of booking! Great for you as you get cash now and a guaranteed booking! There are 3 options that will be applied to all clients.

Step 3

You will then be shown info on payment fees and payouts. Monies will be paid weekly every Sunday directly into your bank account, minus the fees charged by Stripe which will simply replace the fees charged normally by your card machine. Click OK to proceed to Stripe setup:

Step 4

You will then be taken to the Slick Payments page powered by our payment provider, Stripe. This will allow you to create a secure account and receive client money direct to your bank account.

Step 5

Fill our your details and you will then be sent a verification code to the mobile number you provided above. This is to verify your account. Please insert the code in the box provided.

Step 6

Then fill out your details as salon owner / manager and click Next.

Step 7

Put your website link in the box below. If you don't have a website, just copy and past your Facebook, Instagram or Google Business page link. Click Next.

Step 8

You will then need to add in the bank details where you would like to receive the deposit and no show payments. Then click Done.

Step 9

We now need to verify the account. Under 'Management and Ownership' please click on Update as shown below

Here you can upload documents and then once complete, click Done.

Step 10

You will then get an email from Stripe asking to confirm your email. Please click 'Confirm your email'

Step 11

This will then send another SMS verification code to your mobile. Please enter the code in the box on the screen..

Step 12

Final step is to confirm your email. Click 'Send email'

Step 13

You will receive an email such as the one below. Please click 'Confirm your email'

Once Stripe account setup you will be redirected back to Slick and land in the calendar. Go to menu and back into Online Booking & Payments where you will see that the option you selected is enabled:

Click the toggles to switch between either option at any time. And edit your online deposit settings any time.

To access your payments account at any point (to update information or check your payouts) click this button:

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