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Understanding Deposits 💸

When do I receive pay outs? How do I get my money? How do deposits work?

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Have you ever wondered where your deposits go when clients pay them online or through your deposit link?

Well, wonder no more!


When do I receive my deposits?

Your deposits go straight to your bank account via Stripe,the next day (or a week if you requested weekly pay outs) after they're paid by the client. So easy, right?

So, how do you keep track of these deposits?

Once the deposit is paid, you can easily see it on your cash-up "deposits log" and "SlickPay via Stripe" logs on your cash up for the day the deposit has been paid.

The payment will be reflected in your bank account next day, based on the payout schedule below.

You can also track your payouts from your Stripe dashboard from Menu - online booking and payments - “view my Stripe payment dashboard”.

When will my deposits show in revenue reports?

Deposits are not considered revenue until they are claimed against a service. However, they are always paid next day (or a week if you are on weekly pay outs) after the client has paid them to you.

✨ Now you're a deposit pro! ✨

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Please note - If you have closed your account, all deposits will have been paid to you as per the next day (or weekly if you requested) pay out schedule. Slick does not hold or retain any deposits on the system itself. Thank you.

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