In order to connect your online booking with Facebook you will first need a business page on Facebook. For advice on how to do that, please click here. If you already have one please read on...

Step 1: 

Go to your businesses Facebook page, you should see an "Add a Button" button below the banner at the top, click on it!

You may need to delete your old button, if so hover over the button you have currently and click the pencil, then "Delete Button"!

Step 2:

When asked which button you want people to see, open the "Book with you" section by clicking on it. Then, select the "Book Now" Option and click next.

Step 3:

When asked whether you'd like to use "Appointments on Facebook" or "Link to Website", click "Link to Website".

Step 4:

On the Online Booking page in your settings on Slick you should be able to find your online booking link at the top of the page (see image), click "Copy URL".

Step 5:

Back on Facebook you can now copy that link into the box which appeared when you clicked "Link to Website". To do this, click on the text box, then either press CTRL+V (Command + V on Macs) or right-click and click on paste! Once this is done, you can then click "Save".

Step 6:

Once you've done this, with the type of button set and the link entered, you can then click "Finish".

Step 7:

You should now be able to see your new "Book Now" button!

If you'd prefer to see a video of this process, click here!


If you would like to add a 'book now' button on your website, send the online booking link from your profile to your web developer and they can update your website to support online booking, by adding it to a picture or as a link!

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