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Selling your salon

If you’re selling your salon then you can transfer your account to the new owner or equally transfer client data to the new owner.

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Selling your salon can feel intimidating but Slick is here to help. Find our guidelines below to transfer your account over to the new owner.


You can either transfer the whole account or request your client data to send direct to the new owner.

Transfer your Slick Account

If the current owner has sold to a new owner and they’re happy for the new owner to have access to their historic info/invoices/reports etc then please follow the below process:

  • Firstly, the new account owner needs to add their billing details under Staff and business settings - account billing - Your Billing Details

  • Secondly, update the new business details including the business name, address and opening hours. This can be done from Staff and business settings - business info and hours.

  • If you have a linked Stripe account you can either change the details directly on Stripe by following instructions here or you can request for Customer Support to remove your current Stripe account to make way for a new one! Please ask the team about this via the live chat.

  • Delete columns and logins that are no longer needed. Then add the new columns and assign their emails to enable remote login. Here is an article to show you a step by step!

  • Make sure that your bolt on sms and automated messages are aligned with the new owners. You can edit the bolt on from clients and marketing - reminders.
    Please advise the Customer Support team if you would like to make any changes to your automated marketing sms.

  • Book now buttons for Instagram and Facebook can be disconnected and re-connected from the online booking, E-vouchers and payments page.

    These are the steps we advise you follow to transfer all key details over to the new owners!

Optional for account transfer

Transfer Only your Client List

If you have sold to a new owner and you are only 'selling' the client list then please follow the below process:

  • Slick Onboarding will set up their new Slick account as per standard sign up process.

  • Slick Onboarding then need authorisation from the current registered account owner to transfer the client list to a new Slick account in writing as below.

  • Here is the written authorisation to be sent via email to from the registered account owner [no other format or amended wording can be accepted]:

"I [name] hereby give Slick support team permission to transfer the client data from [salon name & ID] to [new salon name & ID] and understand that Slick will export and import the entire client list with no exceptions."

  • Your account ID can be found from the calendar by clicking on Menu > Location ID next to your salon name in brackets as you see here ⬇️

  • Billing Details & Login: The new account owner will add billing details to activate the account.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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