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Deleting Old Clients

How to tidy up and bulk delete your client base

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Having a good tidy up of your client list is a great way to wheedle out old clients who haven't visited for a while or not at all since you joined Slick and to start afresh. Here are several ways to do it.

First, go into 'Menu' and then hit ' Clients, Notifications & Marketing.' Then click on the 'All Clients' bucket. You can then choose from various options below:

Delete all clients who have not visited in more than 24 weeks and who do not have a future appointment.

  • Click on 'Last Visit' and select '24 weeks' from the dropdown menu in 'More than X weeks ago.' Then click 'Done'

  • Now click 'Next Visit' and select 'Not got a future appointment'

  • You can then tap of 'Last Visit' twice to see clients who haven't been seen the longest. So the oldest date is at the top.

  • Click the box next to Client name to untick ALL clients then you can tick one-by-one the clients you want to delete.

  • Hit 'Manage Clients' and click 'Delete'

Delete clients who have not visited before and who do not have a future appointment.

If you joined Slick from an old system, you may have imported old clients who have not returned for a long time and who aren't coming back. Delete these clients as follows:

  • Click 'Last Visit' and 'Has not visited before'

  • Then click 'Next Visit' and 'Not got a future appointment'

  • Just hit 'Manage Clients' and click 'Delete.'

TOP TIP: if you are ready to have a database cleanup, it's worth trying one last push to get these clients to return. Send them a message with either a nudge or an offer to return. If they don't come back, delete them out. Use the same filters as above and click 'Create SMS' - here are some message templates

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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