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Understanding and Tracking Vouchers & Revenue.
Understanding and Tracking Vouchers & Revenue.

Understanding how vouchers and deposits work in Revenue Reports.

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Selling a gift voucher

When you sell a gift voucher, you are creating an obligation to that customer for the value of money received. Vouchers work in much the same way as deposits; i.e. they are not classed as revenue until they are redeemed against a service.

So when a client purchases a gift voucher of e.g. £50, that £50 is 'banked' and held as as an obligation to the recipient of that gift voucher until they come in to redeem it.

When selling a gift voucher, you will see it 'banked' in Cash Up under 'Vouchers Sold' and in the Gift Vouchers section of your Menu.

NOTE: Please note VAT it is your responsibility or that of your accountant to ensure that any VAT due on vouchers sold is correctly handled as per current HMRC guidelines. For more information, please consult your accountant or relevant financial professional.

Redeeming a gift voucher

Once the client comes in to redeem the gift voucher against a service, it is now classed as revenue and will be shown in Cash Up under 'Vouchers Used' and in the 'Vouchers Redeemed' column in the Payments Report.

In Cash Up:

In Payments Report:

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Please note if your voucher status is 'reactivated' this means it was used for an appointment and then refunded !!

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