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  • In-salon voucher - selling & redeeming

  • Monthly Reports

  • Editable client's online profiles in 'My Bookings'

Current Version Q2 2021 (ID: 2911e2e)

  • Marketing: number of clients in each bucket now visible

  • Marketing: New bucket for patch tests

  • Marketing: Columns for patch test date, birthdays and email addresses

  • Marketing: New 'Manage Clients' and 'Find and Merge Duplicates' buttons

  • Patch Test: Patch test information on calendar cards

  • Missing Data: 'No Mobile', 'No Birthday' and 'No Patch Test/Patch Test Expired' prompts. Click to edit profile

  • Checkout: Release deposits from future bookings

  • Cash Up: Export transaction log as a csv

  • Retail Purchase History: Product purchase history now visible in client's profile


Current Version Q2 2021 (ID: a92339d)

  • Bookings: Print appointments & notes. 'Print Diary' button introduced

  • Booking modal: £ sign will now show on booking if a deposit has been received

  • Stock: Categories now available (eg, retail, colour, backwash)

  • Stock: Add products manually, which do not have barcodes, from stock management page

  • Self Employed: Identify which clients are employed or self employed and filter your reports accordingly

  • Education: Access our education and training pages directly from your menu

Q1 2021 (ID: a5bd658)

  • Online booking: Clients can cancel/reschedule their bookings online

  • Online booking: Confirmation emails will replace online booking confirmation SMS

  • Online booking: Descriptions can be added to your online services

  • Reporting: Petty cash totals showing over date range

  • Reporting: Petty cash log

  • Client Profile: Merge duplicate profiles

  • Client Profile: add credit to account

Q4 2020 (ID: 8bc7878)

  • Clients: Remote deposit request with Stripe

  • Clients:SMS booking confirmation

  • Stock management: order reconciliation

  • Clients: JotForm consultation / client information form

Q3 2020 (ID: 56354d6)

  • Stock management: V2 upgrade

  • Stock management: reporting (value / volume)

  • Stock management: ordering

  • Stock management: price increase / change

  • Stock management: L’Oreal Partner shop integration for stock ordering

  • Clients: 2-way texting from activity feed

  • Clients: Future Appointments included on receipt

Q2 2020 (ID: 1c8164d)

  • Online booking: no-show protection with Stripe

  • Online booking: deposits with Stripe

  • Online payment: reporting / cash up integration with Stripe

  • Reporting: upgraded checkout with mobile (Apple and Android) functionality

  • Calendar: new UI, layout and speed improvements.

Q1 2020 (ID: bab9f94)

  • Clients: Automated client retention marketing (6,12 and 24 weeks)

  • Clients: Automated client birthday marketing

  • Clients: Automated existing client review marketing

  • Clients: Automated new client review marketing

  • Clients: Automated marketing campaign calculator

Q4 2019 (ID: c103372)

  • Clients: 2-way marketing communications module

  • Clients: GDPR opt out

  • Clients: Marketing campaign calculator (return on spend, bookings generated etc)

Q3 2019 (ID: 2d3d948)

  • Calendar: iPad / Android version

  • Calendar: Booking history log

  • Calendar: Repeat booking management

  • Calendar: V2 optimisations to increase loading speed

  • Calendar: New booking V2: updates to booking flow.

  • Clients: Rebook from checkout upgrade

Q2 2019 (ID: c87c196)

  • Reporting: V2- Salon dashboard

  • Reporting: V2- Staff KPI

  • Reporting: V2- Revenue

  • Reporting: V2- Payments

  • Reporting: V2-Staff hours

  • Reporting: V2- Retail

  • Reporting: V2-Bookings

  • Clients: Client deposits (off-line)

  • Clients: No-show management & reporting

  • Clients: Labels

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