Client Tags / Labels:

You can select up to three labels per client to help identify key information - the emoji labels are displayed in the client profile, on the calendar card and on the booking modal. 

The below instructions explain how to add labels and what each one represents:

Access the client profile either from the booking modal or using the search bar at the top right of the calendar

When you are viewing the profile you want, click 'Edit Client Details' 

You will then be shown additional fields that can be filled out, for client labels you need to select 'ADD LABELS' next to the client name section

You will then be shown a pop-out with the labels on for you to select up to three 

The label(s) selected will then be shown on the booking modal, calendar card and the client profile

So, what does each label mean?
💜Friends & Family - to be used to show when a discount needs to be applied
⭐️VIP - to be used to identify big spenders
🦄Loyal - to be used to show clients with high rebooking rates
✈️Tourist - to be used to identify clients who are visiting once and unlikely to return
🚨Flagged - to be used to flag that a client has a particular issue - maybe they have super long hair, or they have a high no-show rate. You can then put more detail about this in the client notes

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