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How to personalise your calendar.

Top tips to customise your diary so it reflects your needs and your brand.

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Calendar settings allow you to customise your calendar to your needs and the look you want.

These can be changed in Menu > Staff & Business Settings > Calendar settings.

Here you can do the following:

  1. Change colour mode: different colour sets to reflect your salon brand.

  2. Hide non-working staff: this allows you to see just those staff working today.

  3. No-show and cancellation visibility: decide if you want to see no-shows and cancelled appointments in the calendar.

Change colour mode

Choose a colour mode that reflects your salon brand!

Bright mode (default).

Dark mode (turns calendar background black! Often used by our barbers).

Light mode (beautiful pastel colours).

Please note, the calendar colour mode you choose will reflect in your Online Booking page to represent your brand!

Hide non-working staff.

Simplify your calendar by choosing to view just the staff that are working today. Just TICK the button seen below to 'Hide non-working staff'.

Any staff member with all day time off will not appear on the calendar for that day. When they are next working their column will be shown for that day.

✨Magic! ✨

No-show and cancellation visibility

You can chose whether appointment cards remain in the calendar when marked as no-show/cancelled or if they are removed to free up space.

When TICKED on (as seen above) appointment cards will remain in the calendar. By TICKING off, this will automatically remove appointment cards once you have marked them as no-show/cancelled.

Change colour of appointment cards

Does your calendar feel a bit bland in colour? Or maybe some of your services look too similar in colour and it's sometimes confusing?

Well the great news is, you can change the colours of your service categories in settings!

Select Staff & Business Settings and then Service Prices & Timings.

Click "Edit" on the category to be changed. Then change the name and colour to whatever you like, and click save.

You can also hide deleted staff columns on the Calendar by clicking 'Week view' and then TICK ' Hide deleted staff.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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