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Read only & offline access to your schedule via calendar sync for iPhone & iPad
Read only & offline access to your schedule via calendar sync for iPhone & iPad

Give staff a read only view of their appointment column and colour notes via sync with Apple iCal.

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Calendar sync for your phone is to allow a staff member to view only their column from a mobile device's native calendar app.

🚨 Please note - Cal sync can only be applied to one calendar per column and you must have a column to set up read only access.

How it works

Calendar sync allows your iCalendar on your iPhone to stay updated with bookings in your column (or multiple columns) from your main Slick calendar, so you can check your schedule on the go and offline. 

All bookings are updated in real-time so you never have to guess whether you're free for a new booking or not. You will be able to see the clients name, the service they're scheduled to receive and any attached client notes.

🚨 Please note; all the bookings in your calendar app in your phone are READ-ONLY, so you wont be able to update them using your mobile phone.

Why you should use it.

  • To stay up-to-date on new bookings in your system.

  • If your internet ever drops, you have a back up of all your bookings in your phone, updated and with client notes.

  • You can sync multiple columns and they show up in your calendar as different colours so you'll be able to coordinate your team.

The instructions below are for ical syncing (iPhone/iPad). If you would like to sync to your google calendar instead (Android devices), please go to this article.


In your Slick Account

1. Head to Menu - Staff & Business Settings - Staff access.

2. Select the staff name and email address, then toggle on "Apple iCal / Google Cal sync"

3. You will see this pop up to confirm the email has been sent to this staff member.

On your desktop computer

1 - Copy the link at the bottom of THIS email into your Safari browser.

2 - Select 'Open' here!

3 - Click on 'Subscribe' here.

4 - Click on 'Add' here!

5 - Click on 'Done' to complete the process!!

Calendar sync is read only, which means you can’t move, edit, delete or create appointments from your phone calendar, you have to login to Slick to do that.

Questions on Cal sync

What does it look like if we cancel an appointment?

What happens (on iCal) is that appointments which are cancelled are marked as CANCELLED and crossed out. However, deleted appointments are also marked in the same way, please see the image below of two cancelled and one deleted appointment.

If you do not want your cancelled/deleted appointments still appearing in the cal sync then tap into the cancelled appointment on your iCal, then hit “delete event” at the bottom to remove it! Simple!

How long will these appointments stay on staff phones?

Once the day is finished, the appointments will be removed from staff's personal calendars. The Cal sync is only designed to be a handy reference point for staff in the day to stop them having to run back to the salon computer! For security reasons, no historic data will be stored on the mobile devices.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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