Say goodbye to old-fashioned appointment cards....

Say hello to automatic client appointment confirmations!

Say goodbye to no-shows

  1. Paper cards get lost- how many do you have in your purse or wallet?

  2. Sent straight to your phone, the reminder is never lost or mis-placed

  3. You can even save the date straight in your phone's diary with 1 click!

How do they work?

Slick leaves a 2 minute buffer window after creating an appointment before sending the confirm SMS in case you need to move the appointment time (ie dont panic it isn’t sent instantly). Therefore your client should receive their SMS 2-8mins after you create their appointment.

The message is standardised (for now...) and says "Hi [client name], [salon name] is pleased to confirm your appointment on [day, date at time]. See you then!"

If you're working late, don't worry the reminders aren't sent out past 9pm. Instead we wait until 8am to send them the following day to avoid disturbing your client's beauty sleep..... Likewise any appointments created before 8am will have the confirm SMS sent that day at 8am.

How do i check if a confirmation was sent?

You can see if your client has been sent a confirm SMS by going to their client profile and checking underneath the booking where we now display all sms the client has been sent

Can a client reply?

Clients can reply to the confirm SMS and replies will be shown in your activity feed

Cases where a confirm SMS will not be sent:

  • Appointments created where the start time is less than 2 hours away

  • If the client has a landline number in the mobile number field

  • If the client has an international mobile number

  • If the client does not have a mobile number

Does the client get a Appointment reminder?

Yes- if you have selected this feature in Slick, your client will still receive a message 72-24 hours before their appointment to remind them!

What about repeat bookings?

Slick will sent 1 message to confirm the repeat booking at the time the booking is made.

What happens if i move the appointment?

If you then move the appointment, Slick won't automatically send a confirmation. If you wish to notify the client then you can send a notification by the Notify Client button


As with the SMS marketing texts, these are charged at 6p + VAT per message. These can be switched on or off at any time by speaking to Slick Customer Support.

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