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What do the icons on appointment cards in the calendar mean
What do the icons on appointment cards in the calendar mean

Understanding booking statuses with the calendar icons and modal illustrations

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Appointment icons will help you see at a glance the status and other important information about an appointment in the calendar.

You can find this list by clicking this icon on the top right of the calendar!

1 - Client has confirmed. Either by responding 'Y' to the reminder or confirming in salon that they are coming to their appointment.

2 - Client has cancelled. Either by responding 'N' to the reminder or calling the salon that they are not coming to their appointment.

3 - Client has arrived. They have been marked as arrived in salon.

4 - Client has paid a deposit. This deposit has been paid to secure this appointment. Please note, the client may have credit on their account that can be used as a deposit but this will not be marked as '£' deposit paid as it is not attached to this appointment.

5 - Deposit requested but not paid. The client has been sent a deposit request sms but they have not yet made the payment. If a deposit has been requested more than 24 hours ago and is still not paid for an appointment in 2 days time, the client will automatically be sent a reminder SMS at 7pm.

6 - Notes specific to this appointment. This booking has notes attached, these may have been added by the client when booking o line or by the staff member when adding the booking.

7 - New client. This is the first time the client has had a booking in the calendar.

We hope you find them useful!

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