Currently there is a standard text reminder that goes to your clients 24 or 48 hours before their appointment (you can choose timing - just let us know via the chat bubble).

However we are currently working on a way for you to customise parts of the message such as:

  • Whether the client can reply N to cancel or give them the option to call with your salon number in

  • Whether to list out the services they are having

  • Whether to say which stylist they are seeing

Currently, the message will address your client by name, list out the services they are having, and give the day and time of their appointment at your salon name, with the option to reply Y to confirm or STOP to opt out of reminders:

You can change whether the text reminder says hi to your client's full name or just their first name by ensuring you put your client's first name in the second name field in their client profile:

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