If your client says they haven't received their text reminder, the first thing to do is check their client profile to see if the message was sent.

You can do this by searching for the client's name and opening their profile and scrolling down to the "Scheduled Bookings" section and find the date of the booking your client is referring to:

If they have been sent a text reminder, it will be shown as below:

If they have not been sent a text reminder, it will look like this:

If the booking is in the past, scroll down to Booking History to find the date of the booking in question.
If a text reminder was sent, there will be a little icon like below. Click on View Details to see more info like when the text was sent:

The Client Profile says the reminder was sent but my client is sure they didn't receive the reminder - why could this be?

If the reminder was sent, the only reasons they may not have received the reminder are:

  • The mobile number you have for your client is incorrect - check that the number you have in the client profile is their correct number

  • They have previously replied STOP to one of their reminders. This will have automatically opted them out of receiving future reminders

  • Their phone has been switched off or without signal for the past 24-48 hours

The Client Profile shows that no reminder was sent - why could this be?

Several possible reasons:

  1. If their booking was made less than 48 hours in advance  - text reminders are sent 48 hours before the appointment start time, so clients only receive a reminder if they book more than 48 hours in advance.

  2. Their ‘text reminder’ toggle is switched off in their client profile (like below). To switch them on, click/tap the toggle so it goes purple

Our default text reminder period is 48 hours, though we can change that to a shorter timeframe like 24 hours if you prefer, just contact us via the chat bubble and we'll change your settings.

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