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Sending mass emails to clients.

Want to send an email to your clients? Here's how Slick can help you!

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Whilst SMS blasts will always reach more customers, email communication does have a place!

SMS messages are opened by around 90% of people but emails are only opened by 10-15% of people! Also, salons often have phone numbers for 93% of clients and only 10% of clients will leave an email address!

SMS blasts are great for promotions, reviews and rebooking prompts, email can be useful for newsletters or lengthier communication. If you wish to email your clients, then follow these simple steps!

  • Head to Clients & Marketing in the menu.

  • Click All clients and then Manage clients.

  • Click Export client email addresses.

This will create an Excel file of all your clients with their name & email address. Please note you need to have Excel downloaded on your computer to be able to download and view this document. If you do not have Excel downloaded, we suggest you copy the client details from the Clients page and past these onto your chosen programme such as Numbers.

You will then be able to import these addresses into a third-party email provider such as MailChimp or your own salon mail provider.

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