Mark whether your client has a preferred stylist for a service so that colleagues receive a prompt if trying to move the booking to another stylist.

To record a stylist preference, simply click on the heart next to the service!

The current stylist will then become the preferred choice for this service for this client

This means that if someone were to try and move Test Client's Full Head Highlights out of Paul's column to another stylist, they will get a warning like this:

When the warning appears, you can either click "Ok, got it" to move the service anyway, or "Cancel" to leave it in Paul's column. 

A client's stylist preference by service is remembered, so if someone tries to create a booking for Test for Full Head Highlights in another stylist's column in future, they will also see a warning like below (which they can override by clicking Ok, got it):

To remove a stylist preference, simply click on the heart to deselect:

To learn about other ways to record info about your clients, such as emoji tags for VIP, Loyalty Club, Tourist, Friends & Family, Problem Client, click here

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