Don't worry, booking notes are still here! We've just moved them to the bottom of the booking window to make room for the new search bar and frequently booked services.

Simply hover your mouse over the booking window on the right and scroll to the bottom to find the Booking Notes box:

Click in the box to enter notes as normal and then just click or tap anywhere outside of the box and these will save automatically so you can carry on with your booking:

Booking notes will still be visible on the appointment card in the calendar:

If the appointment card is too small to display the note, you will still see the icon and can click on the card to see the booking note in the modal:

To edit a booking note, open the modal, click on the 3 dots, and then select 'Edit Booking':

Accessing my Colour Notes / Client Notes during Booking

If your client has client notes already in their client profile, you can easily access these by clicking on "View Profile":

All previous client notes / colour notes will appear at the top of the profile like below: 

To add or edit client notes, click "Edit Client Details" and scroll down to the bottom to edit notes as you normally would in the client profile, at the :

Hit Save Changes and then tap the back button in the top left corner to return to your booking:

To learn more about where to create and store colour notes, click here

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