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Can my client cancel by replying to the text reminder?
Can my client cancel by replying to the text reminder?

Learn what options are available for your customers when they reply to the SMS reminder

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Yes! If you want clients to be able to cancel via SMS, you can enable this option by following these steps:

  1. Go to the menu.

  2. Select "Clients and Marketing".

  3. Click on "Reminders".

  4. Scroll down to find the "Reminder Setting" section.

  5. Toggle the button for "Allow client to cancel by text" to the ON.

The message received from your client will look like this:

Hi [Client Name], looking forward to your appointment at [Salon Name] at 4.30PM on Mon 13 Sep. Reply Y to confirm or N to cancel

Clients will receive an instant reply asking them to rebook online (if applicable):

Activity Feed notification:

We are currently working on a way for you to customise parts of the message such as:

  • Whether to list out the services they are having

  • Whether to say which stylist they are seeing

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