Slick allows you to create unique user logins for each staff member so they can access their schedule from home or on the go. You can choose different "permission levels" for staff access, restricting visibility of certain areas like financial or client information. 

Each user will have their own username (their email address) and password. To switch users, the current user would logout of Slick and the next user would enter their email address and password. This method is significantly safer than a 4 digit pin code to switch between users as these codes can be easily shared or copied.

Slick offers 3 levels of staff access:

Can: Access and edit all areas of the system
Cannot: No restrictions

Can: Create and edit bookings and clients, checkout clients, access cash up, view settings and stock, use stock scanny app
Cannot: access any financial reports or dashboards, change service prices, add/delete services, change product prices, edit stock levels in the stock manager

You can also restrict the receptionist access further by removing their access to Cash Up and Client's Phone Numbers. Please contact us on Live Chat to confirm you would like these features switched on

Can: Sync appointments from their column to their iPhone/iPad calendar on a read only basis with visibility of colour notes
Cannot: Create or edit their bookings, view client contact details for their bookings, access any other part of the system

Setting staff logins and access is done via "Permissions" and must be done by the Salon Manager.

1. To create a new staff member login with Manager or Receptionist level access, click 'Menu' in the top left corner:

2. Select 'Settings':

3. Select 'Staff logins':

4. Click the purple button which says "Add new user":

5. Fill in your staff members Name, Email address and then click on the Permission Level drop-down to select an access level for them:

6. Then click 'Save' and this will send them an email with a temporary password which they can use to login and then create a new secret password.

The email should come through instantly, so please check your junk mailbox if you haven't received it within a minute. The new user can login by either:

7. The new user should use their email address and the temporary password to login. The temporary password is in the email and highlighted yellow below:

To setup staff access for the read-only view of their schedule, you'll be using our Calendar Sync function:

The instructions below are for ical syncing (iphone/ipad). If you would like to sync to your google calendar instead (Android devices), please go to this article

1. To setup cal sync for a staff member, go to Menu, then Settings as before, and select Sync Calendar:

2. Click on the staff member's name you are setting up and enter their personal email address that is connected to their iPhone iCal and press "Send email".  We’ll then send them a link to subscribe.

3. They will need to open their email on their iPhone or iPad and check their inbox for a message that looks like below. Tap the purple 'Click Here' button to start the sync:

4. Then tap 'Subscribe':

5. Then select 'View Events':

6. Once in your iCal on your phone, you can check which columns are subscribed in the calendar app, click on Calendars at the bottom of the page:

7. Then scroll down to where it says "subscribed" and check the ones you want to sync with are ticked:

(If you no longer want to be subscribed you can untick them) 

8. All future bookings and any new bookings entered in Slick will automatically appear in their iCal as below.

All past bookings will be automatically removed from their iCal for data protection

9. Select list view to get an overview of their day's appointments. No more wasting paper printing out daily appointment schedules! 

This feature is also perfect for stylists who want to have colour notes handy - just click on the appointment and scroll to the bottom 💇 💇‍♂️

Calendar sync is read only, which means you can’t move, edit, delete or create appointments from your phone calendar, you have to login to Slick to do that.

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