To add a stylist column or change a role for an existing stylist, go to Menu in the top left of your calendar:

Select "Settings" and then "Stylists":

You can then edit a stylist by clicking on the 'Edit' button next to their name or you can click 'Add Another Stylist' at the bottom to do just that. Clicking delete removes that column from your diary.

You can add/edit their contact details and tick / untick any services they don't do. Once you've finished, just click the purple tick at the top - this will create a new staff column (or save changes to an existing column) 

When adding a new staff member, you can automatically assign all their prices according to what level of seniority they are - this is determined by their role.

To assign their role, click anywhere on the bar and select which role they are:

As you can see below, this will automatically pull through the prices for that role:

Note: You can't change prices in this section - to do so please go to the Services section in the Menu. Click here to learn how to change service prices

To learn how to setup a new role with a different pricing level, click here

To learn how to change the order of your staff columns in the calendar, click here

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