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How does Slick work with point of sale?
How does Slick work with point of sale?

SlickPay, other card readers, cash and vouchers. How does it all work?

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The SlickPay card reader is the handiest way to keep on top of all things payments in salon!

Get yours now and save yourself up to 7 hours a week of cash up nightmares with a fully integrated system.

You don't need to have a SlickPay or other POS system to use Slick. Slick can record checkout transactions if clients pay by SlickPay, cash, voucher or on your other card reader. 

This means you can use Slick to check out client bills for services and retail products, assigning them correctly to stylists for commission calculations. You can apply discounts (percentage or absolute £ amount), record part cash payment, record payment by voucher, and record tips.

Slick offers free email receipts to clients which you can add your salon logo to and a link for clients to rebook next time.

Slick allows you to cash up at the end of the day, over any date range, showing you total takings, by cash, card, and voucher plus visibility on all of your online payments.

You can record petty cash and leave notes. You will also see a transaction log of every client checked out in that time period, with the ability to view every transaction receipt.

Not using SlickPay? No problem! Find out everything you need to know (minus the handy in-built POS system) here!

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