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Thinking of joining Slick- find out all you need to know

Downloading the Zoom App for Your iPadWhen setting up a demo, we may ask you to install the Zoom App on your iPad. This allows us to show you Slick quick and easily!
Subscription PlansHow do the different plans work?
Setting up your own account from an existing Slick salon.If you work in a salon using Slick and are looking to set up your own account/ ‘rent a chair’.
What does Slick cost?What is the price of Slick? What does Slick charge per month?
What hardware do I need to run Slick?Helpful hints on devices and connections to get the most out of Slick
How do I switch to Slick?Transferring from other software providers or a paper book
How does Slick store and share salon / client data?GDPR salon and client data storage in Slick
Do I need to be a L'Oréal salon to use Slick?Is Slick only available to L'Oréal salons?
How does Slick benefit salons?Find out what the benefits of Slick are to salons.
Can pen and paper salons use Slick?Find out if pen and paper salons can use Slick.
Will I receive any training and support?Find out about your dedicated client manager and our help centre
Can Slick work with Shortcuts, iSalon or any other salon software?Does Slick integrate with other systems or do I need to switch?
How does Slick differ from Treatwell?Find out how Slick differs from Treatwell.
What if I don’t have internet?What if I don't have an internet connection in my salon?
How do customers use Slick?Find out how consumers can use Slick.
How to find your Fresha Invoice
Feedback to team Slick!We love feedback, it helps us impr5ove. Make suggestions - we love it.