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Accessing from private windowIf you are struggling to login then accessing from a private window may do the trick
What is Pincode Access and how to set it upA step by step guide to help you set up pin code access for your team
Pincode FAQ'sYour Pincodes questions asked: Can I choose my own Pincode? What if I forget my Pincode? How to disable staff access and more!
What are the benefits of Pin codes and how will they look in the future?Want to know how pin codes can help now and in future in your salon? Check out the below!
Read only & offline access to your schedule via calendar sync for AndroidIf you don't have an iOS device, you can still sync your Slick calendar to your google calendar for offline, read-only access
Multi-site salons: naming your calendarUse a Google Chrome extension to 'name' each calendar
Can't remember password?What to do if you have forgotten your username or password
How do I change my username or password?How do I update my salon username, email address and password?
How to enable user logins for your staff with different access levels.Slick has 2 permissions levels secured with passwords to keep your account secure and restrict access.
How to remove a staff member's access to Slick by deleting their login.Restrict access to Slick for a stylist or therapist who has left your business.
Read only & offline access to your schedule via calendar sync for iPhone & iPadGive staff a read only view of their appointment column and colour notes via sync with Apple iCal.
Can managers and stylists login to Slick from home?Accessing Slick on the go, remotely, via mobile
How to remove calendar sync from an iPhoneIf a stylist needs to remove their CalendarSync, how do i do it?
Can I use Slick on my mobile?Does Slick have an app I can download on the app store or play store?
How to download and use ZoomDownload and use Zoom for screensharing
What to do if you're locked out.What steps to follow if you can't login and need to gain access.