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How to have 2 locations on one account
How to have 2 locations on one account

Slick works for single stylists that work across two locations and you can handle it all in one account!

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1 - You need to edit your existing column to include the name of one of your locations. Check out an example below! Find out here how to edit existing users!

2 - Add another column with the name of your other location! Find out here how to add another column!

3 - Now, you need to block out the column for each location on the days that you will not be working there.

For example, here we can see 'Ava' is working in Sheringham on a Tuesday so the column for Brentford is blocked off.

4 - You can enable your online booking to let clients book in the location that works for them! They will see the location at time of booking but we also advise you add a note to your cancellation policy to say "Please make a note of the location you are booking in when creating bookings online with me!".

Find out here how to add information to your cancellation policy and amend other aspects of your online booking from branding to timings!

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