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Deposits vs No show

Torn between how to secure your appointments? We have all the information below.

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Torn between how to secure your appointments? We have all the information below.


Both deposits and no show offer protection to your business in the event of a client cancelling late or worse again, not showing up at all! Find out here the key points for consideration for each and why we recommend our partners to use deposits.


No show

Available for online booking

Yes βœ…

Yes βœ…

Available to take in salon

Yes βœ…

No ❌

Guaranteed security

Yes βœ…

No ❌


Yes - choose a % or fixed amount to charge βœ…

No - take card details from all clients booking online❌

No show protection

No show allows you to charge a client a fee in the event of a no show or late cancellation.

Please note, when enabling no show, you accept the fact that while Stripe can assess if a user has an active card they cannot assess the funds in the client account. Also, in line with financial regulation, the client has the option to remove their financial information (including card details) from any website at any time they see fit.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee 100% that you can charge a no show fee. Please make note of these restrictions before deciding to enable No show protection.

To avoid disappointment when looking to protect your appointments, we advise setting up deposits to take a % or Β£ holding fee, subject to your own business policies.

Deposit security

Taking a security deposit means the payment is made at time of booking by the client booking online or before the appointment date if you are taking the payment yourself.

You can take deposits yourself in salon or via our deposit request system that sends a secure link to your client for them to pay.

A deposit is the only GUARANTEED way to ensure against loss of revenue due to cancellations and no shows.

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