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How to ensure reminders come from your 'Salon name'
How to ensure reminders come from your 'Salon name'

Get reminders showing as from 'Your salon' on your client's mobile.

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Ensure reminders come from your 'Salon name' to keep your client in the know and avoid missed reminders!


Slick uses 2 way messaging to ensure your client can reply to a reminder and confirm their attendance.

It is not possible for a 2 way message to come up with a name as the sender.

Those are only for 1 way sms like POSTOFFICE or whatever that you can't reply to.

If your client would like to see 'your salon name' when receiving SMS reminders, digital appointment cards and marketing texts then simply ask them to save the phone number that your SMS messages come from as a contact on their phone.

Depending on their device, they can simply do this by saving your salon phone number as a contact!

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