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Why SMS marketing is the most POWERFUL way to reach clients
Why SMS marketing is the most POWERFUL way to reach clients
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Email sounds great- lots of images and the big brands send email right!

Yes and no!

The trouble with email is that:

  1. Most clients don't give out emails so you will have more SMS numbers than emails

  2. Most emails end up in junk so clients never see them or open

  3. Even if they do open it, most don't click on it!

SMS is the opposite:

  1. Your clients will give you a mobile number as you need to contact them right?

  2. 90% of SMS are opened as its on our phone and super easy to see

  3. Because they are short, click rates are high which means lots of people see your news!

Look at this example below

SMS message


How many contacts (SMS / email) do you have?



Open rate



Clients who open the message



Clients who click click on your offer



People who land on your booking / offer page




With SMS, 643 more clients see your offer or message

  • That's 32% of your total clients.

  • Sending the same message via email would mean just 2% of your clients hear your good news!

But I want to send images and you can't do that via SMS!

There is an easy way that you can get the best of both worlds

  • Use SMS to contact ALL your clients and not just a few

  • Show them high quality visuals for new launches or new looks!

Step 1

Simply write your email with the images you want on a landing page or blog post on your website or social media

Step 2

Then copy and paste the URL into your SMS campaign. The client clicks on it and is taken to your page where they can see your images and text.

Step 3

Send. If a client makes a booking the booking will be linked to this campaign so we can still track its effectiveness

If you need help with this then please contact your Business Coach. If you don't have a landing page or website then please get in touch with our new websites team

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